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Our Beautiful Jamaican Swimwear May 31 2015

As a child growing up in the country, one of my adored pastime was swimming. And with easy access to the waters, this quickly became a regular activity for the entire family.

The common attire to go swimming has always been shorts and tee shirts.

Both male and female would see this as their first option of swimwear. But, as time passed on, the swimwear attire changed. As with everything else, we put our own stamp on it and make it our own.

Hence, wanted to showcase Jamaican Swimwear!- depicting the culture and personality of the Jamaican people- yes even in our clothes. They are manufactured both locally and abroad and are designed with vibrant colours and exotic designs. Cotton, polyester and spandex are a popular combination in these creations.




The most loved are ones in Reggae or Rastafarian Colors of red, green and gold, and the Jamaican Flag Colors of black, green and gold.

Perhaps the most famous ones are the crotchet swimwear. Crotchet is and artistic, fun pastime which requires a keen eye for detail, a creative mind and patience. Crotchet is needlepoint hence, this type is handmade and takes hours but we still make them with perfection.

These are made in many colors including white, red, bamboo, khaki and the red, green and gold combination.

For women, there are string bikinis in the color of the Jamaican Flag on both top and bottom made of nylon and lycra allowing it to stretch to fit. This is suitable for us who want to show our Jamaican pride even when going to the beach.

There are halter topped two-piece bikinis in floral and tying at the nape of the neck. There are boy-shorts bikini bottoms with a draw-string waist with lining and this is worn with a stylish top of your choice.


For men, there are polyester draw-string knee length shorts in festive colors and designs. They allow the wearer to adjust to fit. There are also shorts with piping down the sides and horizontally across the rear. There are shorts depicting the feel of the Caribbean with large prints showing Bob Marley photos, palm trees and bright Rastafarian colors.




[Jamaican Swimwear blog, contributed by Tracie Blake]

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