Dana 10 Studded Spike Lace Up Wedge Sneakers January 19 2014

From summer and now through fall and winter, sneaker wedges have hailed at the top of the trending list for the ladies. And because these stylish kicks are still so popular, we've rounded up a list of our favorite styles from bashmentauthority.com!


Wedge sneakers are too dope to not have as part of your shoe collection. Available in a variety of styles, prints, colors and textures, these wedge kicks are the perfect feminine take on the average male sneaker. They’re perfect to rock as part of just about any casual ensemble, so head over to bashmentauthority.com! to nab these essential sneaks!

Reggae Singer and model Ming-Youn though a unsigned hype can be placed among the professionals when it comes to singing. Ming-Youn enjoys rocking that laid back earthy look and the Dana-10 studded Spike Velcro Lace up Wedge Sneaker offer her just that ...the ammunition to make that top ranking, Irie! vibe statement.

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